Venture Café Rotterdam Thursday Gathering: Life Sciences, Health & Wellbeing

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Our flagship event is our Thursday Gathering, a weekly meetup that we organize 48 times per year. Every Thursday between 17.00 & 20.00 we host the largest innovation community gathering in the Netherlands, with more than 300 visitors per week. By offering free programming with Break-out sessions, Office hours and Info tables, we create serendipitous encounters. 

The focus is on making connections, building relationships & sharing knowledge. The impact happens in the crossover connections: attracting visitors from different industries to meet each other and inspire them to create new ideas.

We believe that innovation happens anywhere. That’s why our Thursday Gatherings and all of our programming is freely accessible for all who are interested.

Our own Holland Career Ambassador Alejandro Rodriguez will do a break-out session from 18:30-19:30 on "Working in the Netherlands? Explaining the why and how - Nuffic: Holland Career Ambassadors"

The full programme: 

17:00–17:30 Break Out: Impact Report 2019 - Venture Café Rotterdam
During this session, we present the impact we made together as a community in 2019. And we will explore the impact we will make in the future with you!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Nocto - The Instagram for Nightlife - Nocto International B.V.
Nocto is expanding into Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht! Are you interested in nightlife, digital media, apps, hospitality, student communities and/or tourism? Come by!
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Rotterdam100 Case Competition - Rotterdam100
The Rotterdam100 is a Next Economy case competition where students and corportates solve the societal & business challenges of Rotterdam. Still open to applications via
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17:00–18:00 Break Out: Extraordinary Life - Rotterdam Spouse initiative
“We all have an authentic self, just waiting to be unleashed. During this interactive session, you will discover who you truly are at the core; exploring what energizes you and the impact you want to make.
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17:00–19:00 Info Table: Mobility Lab 2020 - Mobility Lab
Mobility Lab is back and we're looking for all kinds of smart mobility solutions!
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17:30–18:30 Break Out: Subsidies in Life Science & Health - Sira Incentives
Looking for non-dilutive funding for your company? In this breakout session we will present our expertise and provide information about many types of financing possibilities, for example the MIT feasibility study (€20.000 subsidy, deadline in april)
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17:30–19:30 Office Hours: GDPR in healthcare - Viadine Juridisch Advies
The processing of personal data is especially important within professional health care. What is and what isn't allowed under the GDPR?
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17:30–19:00 Info Table: Stop and smell the flowers - Irene Anggreeni
So you've moved here for a better life, or you've joined your loved one. It takes grit to overcome the experience of being uprooted and to rebuild connections with/in your new home. Stop by & share your story with us. Get expert advice at our table.
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18:00–18:30 Break Out: Data Analyst Talent Night - Work on a real world project
This session is for every data -analyst -scientist & -engineer who would like to work on a real world project. We will propose & discuss several ideas with the goal of forming teams, assigning roles and building your first project for your portfolio.
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18:00–19:00 Break Out: The 3 Health Secrets for Entrepreneurs that no doctor ever tells you - Heleniq A Consulting
The 3 Health Secrets for Entrepreneurs that no doctor ever tells you and often doesn't know about.Learn 3 subtle life changing body mind performance enhancers. With the food and health crises, the more knowledge we have the more empowered we become.
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18:30–19:30 Break Out: Decision-making Made Easy - Carolien van den Akker
You are an ambitious professional who aspires to have an impact. But boy, it can be hard to be confident about every decision you make. Carolien teaches you how to connect with your inner compass so that you make choices that suit your goals 100%.
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18:30–19:30 Break Out: Working in the Netherlands? Explaining the why and how - Nuffic: Holland Career Ambassadors
During this presentation you will learn from 2 Holland Career Ambassadors - fellow international alumni who have found a job here -what it is like to work in the Netherlands.
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18:30–19:30 Break Out: Fair Medicine; a new way to develop medicines - Fair Medicine
The pricing of medicines is on the top of the public debate. Stable supply of medicines has become an issue. Fair Medicine develops new models to contribute to a healthy and sustainable pharmaceutical industry.
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You can find more information on this event on the website of Venture Cafe

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