Supply Chain Europe 2020 Virtual

The registration deadline has expired.

Supply Chain Europe 2020 Virtual is the place where the crucial plans to future success will be laid out. 

COVID-19 has thrown supply and demand metrics out the window, highlighting the fragilities of disconnected and overly complex operations - with devastating effects.

Investing in your supply chain is key to success in the future and emerging from 2020 not only surviving, but thriving. To aid in this journey, Reuters Events is bringing together industry captains – the leaders at the top of the supply chain game - to unite and decipher the future of supply chains, and in-turn, business!

Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020 has one simple aim: To equip the supply chain sector with crucial information that you can weave into your strategy and emerge stronger; more agile, more robust, more sustainable and more digital, with your customer at the centre of every decision.

For more information about the speakers, programme and registration please visit the website. 

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