Seminar: Food systems... in an Urbanizing World

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Wageningen Economic Research, in collaboration with AMS Institute, is organizing a seminar on Food systems… in an Urbanizing World – Towards Healthy & Sustainable Food Systems, on Friday October 19, 2018.

One of the major knowledge and policy challenges for supporting the sustainable development goals in the domains of reducing hunger and improving environment refers to the integration of perspectives on healthy consumption, inclusive value chains and sustainable food production.

At the seminar ‘Food Systems … in an Urbanizing World’ Wageningen Economic Research assesses new insights on the dynamics of food systems, focussing on the specific context of rapidly growing megacities in the developing world.

Researchers, policy makers, food business and civil society organizations involved in strategic debates and practical innovations are brought together to meet the key challenges for meeting healthy diets and sustainable food supply… in an urbanizing world. Looking back and forward how to combine evidence and research findings of the WUR-LNV (Ministry of Agriculture, Natura and Food Quality) Knowledge Base (KB) Programs ‘Global Food & Nutrition Security’ and ‘Metropolitan Solutions’ towards a future knowledge and valorization agenda. The seminar focuses on:

- Summarizing findings of the two WUR-LNV KB Programs
- Discussing methods, tools and challenges for interdisciplinary food system analysis
- Illustrating policy implications and practice of integrated food system approaches
- Connecting results and aspirations towards a future program on food security of mega-cities

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