Orange Talk for Liveable Cities : Is Village the Future?

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Indonesia was once known as an agrarian nation. However the increasing pace of urbanization has not only an enormous impact on cities but also on villages all over the Indonesian archipelago. As of 2019, 44 % of the country’s population live in the rural areas of Indonesia spread over 70 000 villages. Enormous potentials lie in rural areas, a.o. natural assets, cultural heritage, local wisdom, a strong sense of community. These can be the key to improving living conditions throughout the country as well as a strong foundation for a sustainable lifestyle. 

What can we learn from the villages while facing a fast-changing environment?

To answer this question, IDN Liveable Cities will discuss this topic altogether with Singgih Susilo Kartono (Spedagi Movement) and Endro Prasetyo Wahono (Holland Alumni Network Lampung) as Keynote Speakers accompanied by Eko Prawoto (Rural Laboratory/MOThi) and Harmen van de Wal (Krill o.r.c.a). This discussion will be moderated by Pauline Boedianto (IDN Liveable Cities).

The webinar is FREE of charge, but for those who need an e-certificate, there is an administration handling fee of IDR 50.000,-. Donations are also welcome. 

Further information will be explained by email. 

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This event is organized by: Indonesian Diaspora Network Liveable Cities (IDN-LC) in collaboration with Nuffic Neso Indonesia and Holland Alumni Network, supported by: Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Propan, ATEJA, and our partners IDN-NL, IDN United, IDN Global, and IKANED.

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