In the spotlight: Jonathan Kaplinsky

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Join our live Q&A on with Jonathan Kaplinsky, Marketing Manager EMEA at Hasbro. This is the beginning of In The Spotlight events series!                                            


About this Event                                


Showcasing the stories behind internationals living in the Netherlands is our missions at In the Spotlight events. From this month onwards we will introduce you to a new story, a different perspective of life and work by members of our community. 

 Meet Jonathan Kaplinsky, Marketing Manager EMEA at Hasbro

Jonathan is a Colombian living in Amsterdam who landed in the Netherlands due to a  company relocation at Hasbro. He has been living in several countries and will share his story during our live Q&A.  

Here's what we will cover:

✔️How was your landing within the Dutch labor market?

✔️What aspects of your work and life in the Netherlands do you appreciate the most?

✔️What were the most important challenges when relocating to the Netherlands?

✔️How does your job position allow you to learn from different cultures?

✔️How to take your career to the next level by pursuing relocation opportunities?

✔️What are your recommendations to future international alumni looking to kick start their career in the Netherlands?

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