Here2Start Fest: bringing together all international entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

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H2S Fest is dedicated to all international entrepreneurs ready to get their business started in the Netherlands. There are 10 free tickets available for members of the Holland Alumni network for the day program!  

The first edition of the event invites future and current business owners to learn and network around fundamental aspects related to entrepreneurship such as startup visa, Dutch taxation, business planning, ideation workshops and more. The event consists of a Day and Evening program specially designed by international entrepreneurs.Day program
Here2Start welcomes current and future international entrepreneurs to join simultaneous sessions hosted by Experts and International Entrepreneurs between 10:00 until 17:00. Feel free to choose your preferred topics delivered via 1-1 consultancy sessions, workshops and presentations and brainstorming and ideation rooms.

Evening program
During the evening the launch of H2S will be celebrated with international entrepreneurs and key stakeholders of the startup ecosystem such as incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, governmental and academic programs related to entrepreneurship.

Watch the video below for a short summary of why you should attend this entrepreneurial networking event!

Check out the full programme here and ticket prices here.

Register here

There are still free tickets available! If you are interesed, send an email to with the subject line Holland Alumni Network givaway.

Here2Start is an initiative of the Holland Alumni network in collaboration with 7days2go. The main goal is to promote entrepreneurship for the international community present in the Netherlands in order to serve as a platform to increase and measure the impact of current and future business owners in the context of the Dutch startup ecosystem.

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