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Caroline Campos


Hello! Nice to meet you!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and have been working in Brazilian fashion industry for over 10 years, as a fashion designer for great brands in the fashion market. I've always been interested in creativity, innovation, trends research, consumer behavior, branding, cultures, and lifestyle. Currently, I'm taking a Master's programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology in Amsterdam. I consider myself a citizen of the world!

Hope we can work on great projects together!

Professional experience


Restoque S/A , Adamantina - Permanent contract

From September 2008 to July 2017


Restoque S/A - Company in the textile/ fashion segment, largest fashion group in Brazil. The retainer of brands such as: Dudalina, Base Jeans, Individual, Le Lis Blanc, John John, Rosa Chá, Bo.Bô.
Position: Designer for the brands Dudalina, Individual, Base.
Responsibilities: Fashion trends research, the creation of garments designs, development of collections with suppliers in Brazil, China, Peru, Italy, and Uruguay.
Clothing lines: Outerwear, Knitwear, and plain fabric.
Periodic field trips to factories, and main international fashion fairs. Trends research trips to main fashion centers in Europe (Milan, London, Paris).

Additionals trainings

Master's Degree

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Social and Cultural Anthropology

2017 à 2018

Master's Programme in Social and Cultural Anthropology, with an emphasis in mobility. Full time course, one-year duration, ending July 2018. My research topic is about Lifestyle, Material Culture, Urban Subcultures, Consumption, Identity.

Analysis of theories pertinent to my research topic, Fieldwork with the group of study, ethnography, photography, thesis development.

Throughout the course, I have also been part of the master's Programme Committee. This committee is formed by professors and students, with the purpose of discussing best practices, problems, suggestions, and solutions for guaranteeing the quality of the programme.


Signs Observatory - Research and Trend analysis Methods

2015 à 2015

Workshop with Dario Caldas about the methods of interpreting trends behavior signs and consumption, trends structures, methods and tools for prospecting, decoding and analyzing. This course also approached the evaluation of strength and timing in trends research, besides practical exercises regarding research planning and case studies.


ESPM - Superior School of Marketing and Advertising - The market research that works

2015 à 2015

Course given by researcher and psychologist Prof. Victor Trujillo, general director at Ipeso. The purpose was developing the skills of designing market research that provides solutions for the information necessities with varied methods, usually applied in Brazilian market.


Redhook - The creativity school - Anthropology of Consumption

2015 à 2015

Workshop given by Prof. Michel Alcoforado, researcher and Director of Special projects at Consumoteca. The main purpose was to provide a broad vision regarding an important phenomena of social life in contemporary society: the consumption. Through the analysis of advertising and case studies of anthropological research about understanding consumer behavior. Besides, we discussed how the Anthropology of consumption can be used to interpret consumers in they routine behaviour and use insights to improve strategic branding planning


Perestroika - Innovation school - Trends Research

2015 à 2015

Workshop on Trends Research and Trend Forecasting techniques and methods.

Specialization (Lato Sensu)

PUC-PR - Creativity and Innovation Management

2013 à 2014


IEL/SC - Steinbeis Sibe University Berlin - Leadership for Innovation: A marketing approach

2014 à 2014

Workshop with international teachers from School of International Business and entrepreneurship - Steinbeis University Berlin in a partnership with SCMC and IEL/SC from Brazil. The theme was innovation ad a marketing differential in varied segments.


Orbitato - CultResearch - Consumer behaviour Observatories

2013 à 2013

A workshop elabotared to think, create and position products and brands starting from concepts of innovation. Observing real users and planning communication approaches to better suit such users, from the perspective of strategic communication and product development. The workshop was given by Prof. Raul Trujillo from the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires.


Orbitato - Mindstyle: Behaviour and Branding Research

2013 à 2013

The purpose was to understand research and planning methods focused on groups and consumption particularities, building real connections to guide works related to behavior research, strategic communication/marketing, branding management and product development. Workshop given by Prof. Raul Trujillo from the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

MBA - incomplete

FGV - Project Management

2009 à 2010

Short Term Course

Expat Learning Center - Shanghai - Fashion Design

2008 à 2008

Bachelor's Degree

Univille - Graphic Design

2001 à 2005


NL – VU University Amsterdam – 2018


Portugais - Native language

Anglais - Fluent


  • Trends Research
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Innovation
  • Consumer Insights
  • Anthropology
  • Marketing
  • Coolhunting