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International research positive about Dutch labour market]

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Several recent international researches shed a positive light on the Dutch labour market. For many people this might not be surprising, but it is important and possibly difficult to keep performing on the highest level. The Netherlands has done this for years now.

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 (GTCI) ranks countries by their ability to grow, attract and retain talent. The Netherlands ranked number 11 here. Looking at overall growth and access to growth opportunities, the Netherlands scored the best with a first place. The Dutch city Eindhoven ranked number 9 on the GTCI top cities.

Human Resource Company ADP researched how employees across Europe feel about their work. The Netherlands was placed at the 9th place. However, the Netherlands scored the highest on workers being satisfied with the work they do. They scored this high because employees claim to have good relationships with colleagues, enjoyed the opportunity to work from home and have a good work-life balance. The Netherlands also scored high in experiencing less stress than most European workers and even one-third of people in the Dutch workforce claim they are not stressed at all.

The Variables for Sustained Growth index from KPMG found that the Netherlands is the 2nd most economically stable country worldwide. The Netherlands profits from a good infrastructure, a highly educated population, above average involvement in the world economy and strong public institutions. The research ranked the countries based on their potential for sustainable growth and how they use it.

The Netherlands experiences strong job growth thanks to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Investors created 11,000 new jobs in the Netherlands last year. Together, these companies invested 1.74 billion euros in the Dutch economy. Most FDI came from the United States which created 4,057 jobs with a total investment of 768 million euros. The sectors that profited the most were ICT and Life Sciences & Health.

To finish this off, the Netherlands is the sixth happiest country in the world according to the World Happiness Report!

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