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Digital ThinkBike Workshop and Study Tour possibilities by the Dutch Cycling Embassy

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The Dutch Cycling Embassy is proud to present two new formats: the Digital ThinkBike Workshop and Study Tour.

Current circumstances call for an adapted offer of solutions for a society that faces challenges in health, prosperity, and mobility. With the current constraints in traveling, making use of a digital setting lowers the bar for entry.

These solutions share the knowledge of the Dutch approach to a cycle-friendly city. Aiming for a high level of impact and quick decision making, the Dutch Cycling Embassy is proud to present digital solutions in two formats:

Digital ThinkBike Workshop

A multi-day program, where a team of two or three Dutch experts is connected with local decision makers and planners for two or three days. The workshops are intensive, interactive, and hands-on. The format is as follows:

As a preparation for the Digital ThinkBike Workshop, a particular site or sites in the host city are identified by local planners and the Dutch experts involved to be the focus challenge of the workshop. The experts will research the current situation and come up with solutions for the presented challenge. After a public plenary introduction of the Dutch approach to transportation, the group is divided into teams (each with both Dutch and local experts representing a variety of interests) that will work in parallel to explore solutions that span practice and theory. These solutions are presented with drawings, designs, and a marketing strategy on the following day, in the presence of key stakeholders and anyone involved in the future of sustainable transportation in the city.

Digital Study Tour

The Dutch Cycling Tour is a one-day program especially put together for professionals and decision makers (or a broader audience if so desired). In this program “experiencing” and “learning” are key. This program can be divided into three essential parts:

- A presentation by a Dutch Cycling expert, customized to the specified city or region, its challenges and approach, taking into account local rules and regulations.
- A digital bike tour where the Dutch expert demonstrates the Dutch cycling experience on a bike and shows the group how the Dutch approach to cycling-inclusivity, stopping at important intersections, specific roundabout designs, or requested locations.
- Concluding, and based on the information gathered during the day, a discussion led by the Dutch expert will take place on the acquired knowledge and how this can be put into use in the cities of participating decision makers. It could also be an incentive for a follow-up session, if needed.

If you’re interested in discussing a possible Digital ThinkBike Workshop or Digital Study Tour for your organization, please get in thouch with the Dutch Cycling Embassy!

Source: Dutch Cycling Embassy

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